Kesar Rava/Sooji Modak

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!Kesar Rava/Sooji Modak! May Lord GaneshaRemove the obstacles in your life,Provide you with auspicious beginnings,Inspire you with creativity,And open a new chapter of

Sabudana Tikki/ Cutlets/ Vada

Sabudana Tikki/ Cutlets/ Vada is a popular, crunchy, and crispy deep-fried snack made with tapioca pearls (sago pearls), roasted peanuts, boiled potatoes, and cilantro. Sabudana Tikki

Easy Chocolate Blender Cake

Easy Chocolate Blender Cake!!It’s a super moist, delicate and absolutely delicious Easy Blender Chocolate Cake!!Easy to make and sinfully delicious, the combination of chocolate, oats

Khoya Matar Paneer

Khoya Matar PaneerIsn’t it beautiful when you start and end your day with your heart filled with gratitude and with comfort food!!Simple lunch with Khoya

Khoya Nariyal Ladoos

Happy Janmashtami!! May the love and blessings of Lord Krishna fill your life with happiness always!! On the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, I prepared

Chana Jor Chaat

Chana Jor Chaat CHANA JOR CHAAT is a savoury snack and also a type of chaat, a very famous street food of India.It’s one street

Sunshine Crunch Smoothie

Sunshine Crunch SmoothieA nutritious breakfast gives a good start to your day. It gives you the energy to keep going all day long!Sunshine Crunch Smoothie!!It’s

Masala Chaas

Masala ChaasChaas is also known as buttermilk and is a very healthy and refreshing Indian desi drink. It is a blend of yoghurt flavoured with

Tomato Upma

Tomato UpmaLooking for a light, comfortable, and healthy breakfast?Here it is!It is a traditional South Indian breakfast, which is now very popular all over India